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Disney Little Mermaid Surprise Box

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Image of Disney Little Mermaid Surprise Box
  • Image of Disney Little Mermaid Surprise Box
  • Image of Disney Little Mermaid Surprise Box

This Surprise Box is based on my favourite little mermaid.
Inside there is a wonderful mixture official Disney items and much more.

Some of the things you can expect to receive are:

'Dinglehopper Hair Don't Care' A4 print,
Vintage Little Mermaid character badge,
Vintage Little Mermaid trading cards,
An issue of 'Ariels World' vintage magazine

And LOTS lots more!

You will also receive a sparkly glitter collar necklace in shades of green and purple to match Ariels mermaid outfit.

Surprise Boxes are available to buy at the beginning of every month, I have a limited number of spots so order early to avoid disappointment :)
They ship towards the end of the month.

This box is a great idea if you can't decide what to buy or if you love a surprise. Each box has an overall value far greater of the contents inside if bought separately.
They also make a great ready made gift, as they come wrapped and ready to give, fit for both big and little Disney lovers.


The contents of each box will vary, as they're a surprise. The list above is a guideline only. If there is something you would particularly love to receive in your box, or if you've previously received a box and would like to avoid duplicates then please do let me know and I'll make every effort to make sure you receive something different :)